Un-yawn, my friend

Trey Alston rights the write way. *

Copywriter, screenwriter, journalist, bio writer, receipt signer, shopping list maker, and spell caster that blabs to creatives in his newsletter you should subscribe to ;)
* - not a typo


I’m a conceptual wordsmith forged in the fires of unique experiences.
I cut my teeth at the One School and Droga5’s D5in10.
I’ve glued words together for the internet’s biggest sites, put brain to paper to create conceptual wrappers for massive companies, and brought a distinct Southern twang to every brand I’ve worked for.  
If you’re looking for a by-the-book, two-year ad school educated soldier, 


But if you’re looking for a breath of fresh-air who looks at things from the inside of the outside of the
inside of the outside of the inside of the outside of the box, that’s me.*

* - also, not a typo

Cool Cats’ Operation “Find Blue”

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Beats By Dre x Ja Morant x Lil Baby “Dark Mode”

Vice TV’s Super Maximum Retro Show

Postmates “Black Fishtory Month”

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Oh, the places my pen has gone!

Tuesday Oct 5 2021